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D.P. Dough was founded on the simple idea that people know what they want, and it isn't always the same thing as what everyone else wants. If you're hungry (especially late at night), sometimes a pepp...eroni pizza just won't cut it. There had to be an exciting alternative to pizza that could easily be customized based on how you want it. The answer? Calzones! In the early 1980s, Dan Haley and his mom, Penny, introduced their original calzones at The Big E, the largest fair in the Northeastern United States, held in Springfield, Massachusetts. They called their special recipe for calzones "D.P. Dough," based on their initials. Year after year, the calzones were a major hit at The Big E. This early success led Dan and Penny to open the first D.P. Dough restaurant in 1987. The original D.P. Dough restaurant opened in Amherst, Massachusetts, home to the University of Massachusetts. Locating that first restaurant in a college town provided even more focus to the D.P. Dough brand - offer fresh baked calzones, deliver quickly, especially late at night when college students need them most! Over the next ten years, more D.P. Dough restaurants opened across the Northeast and Midwest in college towns. Today, there are 22 D.P. Dough restaurants located throughout the United States, with more opening every year. D.P. Dough is best known as being the perfect nightcap to satisfy late-night cravings for amazing food delivered right to your door. Whether its late night or lunch, we know how special it is to be a part of the college experience. D.P. Dough would be nothing without the crazy college kids that we serve. They love D.P. Dough. We love them!
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